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Aaron Seedorf

My name is Aaron Seedorf, I specialize in the Digital Marketing realm – working within Web Design, Coding, Development and User Experience. I also do all aspects of print design and branding design – after all, that's where it all began!

In a nutshell:

  • Entire Adobe CS Suite and Sketch App
  • CSS3 / HTML5 / SASS / SCSS / tailwind.js / PHP / JavaScript / Shopify / BigCommerce / WordPress / CraftCMS / InVision
  • I do BOTH – Design AND Code

What I do


From Web to Print –  I Got'chu!

Whether you need a website, landing page, logo, catalog... you name it – I got you covered!

Website design

The start of every great website begins with the idea, the visualization and then the design. Generally it starts with two or three initial design comps and we'll go from there – then revise and finalize the perfect design.

Website Development

Once the design is finalized and approved – it's time to move to development. With a mix of front-end and backend coding your website will come to life! You'll see your website design go from a comp into real working form – and it will look exactly like the comp. This is possible because I have the ability do both worlds – design AND code. This rare ability will ensure your design is right on par with the approved concepts – Every. Single. Time.

Logo Design

Having a strong, unique brand is the starting point to every great and successful business. I have a great understanding of the theories behind branding so I am able to think differently when I approach your logo. Leave it to me find the hidden potential in your name and bring it life in a beautiful logo for you. All logos are created from scratch and are 100% unique, every time.

Print Design

Catalogs, Brochures, Menus, Invitations, POP Displays, Business Cards, Flyers, Mailers, Vehicle Wraps, Billboards – You name it, I can do it.

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